What others have said about us


I am very pleased with your new customer acquisition program. New customers are important to the growth of my auto repair business.
We have been averaging 5-6% response on your mailings. Our new customer average ticket equals over $560.00 over one year. That’s over $100,000 in new revenue per year. Thanks!
Jim R – Transmission & Auto Repair
Thanks for the great business you have developed and share with me. I need to tell you how much my business has benefited over the last six months. You are doing a great job. I was doing cold birthday mailings on my own before meeting you and signing up with New Customers NOW. My percentage of redemption rate on my own was a dismal 6% and I was losing money every month on the promotion. True, I was acquiring about 20 new customers per month, but at a cost of over $6 per customer! In addition, I was spending hours printing, labeling and applying postage. With the New Customers Now everything is done for me and I can concentrate on running my business. I spend a couple of minutes each month uploading my current customer list, which you sort and eliminated double mailing to guests that are already in my database. This is great!
The best news is the acquisition of new customers now generates profit! Redemption rate is over 20% with new customers now which is OVER 3 TIMES what I was getting on my own. The average guest spends an average of over $30 in addition to the discount and generates a profit of over $9 for each card redeemed. This works out to about $1.68 for each card sent. This is as close to a money machine as it gets.
Thanks again I look forward to working with you on some of your other done for you promotional programs.
 – John Berends, Owner
Bootlegger’s Supper Club
Granite Falls, MN
 We would like to thank you for introducing our business, Bump’s Family Restaurant, to the Birthday Club program. We have tried other types of promotions, but we’ve never experienced such a high rate of return as the birthday cards. We have had months where we received upwards of 40% of the cards that were mailed.
The feedback from our customers has also been very positive. Many of the birthday card recipients have sought us out to share how thrilled they were to receive a personal card from us, and they love the free meal they receive. We’ve even received thank you notes from some of our card recipients. Your program has been a great way to get new people through the door and reward our long-time customers!
-Mike McGuire & Eileen Popelka
Co-Owners,  Bump’s Family Restaurant
Glencoe, MN
I just wanted to let you know my thoughts on the 2nd step Birthday Follow-up Postcards and I can sum it up in one word “FANTASTIC”. It has been a great program with my redemption results approaching 60%. That is an unbelievable number. As you know I have been doing the Birthday Program with you for over 2 years and I have been consistently getting between 38% -52% redemption every month with that program. Redemption rates like that I had never seen before. Then you came up with the idea to send a Follow-up Thank you Postcard to everyone who redeemed the Birthday Certificate and the redemption rates got even better. The customers love it because they have never been sent a “Thank You” for coming in and getting a FREE Meal on their Birthday before. They feel special because they know that we know they came in. Plus we give them another discount offer to come in again. It builds customer loyalty and repeat business. Of course, I love the repeat business.
The program has been very easy to do as well. You just send me an alphabetical list of clients we send birthday letters to each month in an Excel spreadsheet and I mark a “1” in a column next to the name of everyone who redeems the certificate. Just after the end of the month when I have all certificates redeemed I send the list back to you and you sort the names then print and send out the Birthday Follow-Up Postcards from that list. Easy.
I just want to say thank you for your marketing programs and I would highly recommend them to any business owner.
-Matt Woelfel
Country Kitchen Hutchinson, 
Redwood Falls, & Faribault